Power Team Principle

Anniversary Events

Taking place at auspicious moments, they are often held to celebrate a company’s success once every 5, 10 or even 25 years. Anniversary events are often seen as signs of achievements for a company, as well an increased growth, thank to support from all employees, suppliers and customers. Organizing such celebratory events can be very hectic, especially since they do not come by that often. That’s where we come in! Our team of experienced events managers will sit down with you to understand your event requirements and ease the stress burden on you.


Conference, convention, meeting or seminar-these types of events are commonly held to introduce new products, share knowledge, announce fresh sales goals, provide periodic reviews as well as revealing of new incentive schemes. This event category is usually very corporate in nature and the success of it usually relies on how much information has been passed on to the target audience. You can count on our experienced team of event managers and expert technical team to help that message across!


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Creative and Elegant Event Design and Planning


Our Mission

Our Power Team Principle Sdn Bhd believe that every event has its own significance and importance to every client. Just as it is the goal of every client to have a memorable & successful event executed, it is also the hope of every attending guest to bring back a wonderful experience with them.

Our Vision

Our Power Team Principle Sdn Bhd's mission to:

- Showcase new ideas suited for different events.

- Provide our clients high quality events at a best price.

- Assure our clients that we offer professional organizers to manage a particular events.

- Satisfy the expectations of our client about their preferred occasion.

Our Values

Positive-Positive thinking often motivates and energizes team to achieve things successfully.
Opportunity- Understanding the opportunities available to significantly improve business.
Wealth-Reduce cost in hosting and organizing events to maximum our profit.
Effective-Achieve project successfully by planning effectively.
Respect-Respecting each other will build unshaken and strong teamwork relationship.


Corporate Launches

Products Launches, Building Launches, Program Launches – these are just some of the common launch events to take place in Malaysia. Whether it’s an event to introduce a new product, to officiate a new building or to promote a new program, our team of experienced events managers can help you make your launch a memorable one.

Annual Dinner

Many companies organize annual dinner events as appreciation towards their employees for their hard work and dedication throughout the year. These are also those who make annual dinner events as part of their company’s team building exercise where their staff can get to know each other hence instilling teamwork between one another and also between departments. For some, annual dinner is just a simple get together, relax, unwind and let-your-hair-down event for their employees.